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Off The Line

Directed by : Samuel L. Pierce

Release : Post Production


-Samuel L. Pierce as Mark

-Forrest Campbell as Jake Flyer

-Doran Danielson as Danny Peterson

-Hana Hyde as Angela

-Christopher Noordman as Tom Richman

-Jeremy Moller as Winston Law



Mark Stevenson, a determined young inline speedskater, is eager to establish himself in the sport. Upon learning that the circuit will finance and send a race team to race the prestigious European Grand Prix 24-hour race to beat the circuits biggest rivals Tropen Racing. Mark Stevenson and his friend Jake Flyer embark on a journey of rigorous training and seek out a seasoned coach who is struggling with life. Their aim is not only to win the race but also to bring order to their lives. Amidst the backdrop of business, sports, romance, and adventure, the narrative delves into the intricate world of inline speed skating

About Off The Line

Off The Line is being made by Samuel L. Pierce. Pierce is a Inline Speed Skater himself which is what inspired him to make this racing movie about it. NSC the company refered to in the movie is a real company all though alot of its story in the film is fictious. The movie was filmmed in amazing locations including El Centro Skate rink in Federal way and Emerald Downs.


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