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Electric Shock Productions was founded by Samuel L. Pierce while in Middle School with the vision to make movies with his friends. Four years later ESP and Samuel have completed two full length features. The company brings original content incorporated the viewpoint of today's youth.

The first Feature Film the Future Of Us was released in February of 2022

The Second Feature film The Get Rich Quick Scheme just had its public world premiere May 21st 2023

And the third feature film Off The Line Which is almost Wrapped Filming.

"The best thing about this company for me is the ability to be creative and be a entrepreneur at a young age and genuinely love it and be excited everyday of what i get to do next" - Samuel L. Pierce

Samuel L. Pierce helping camera operator Stephen Filippov on set of The Get Rich Quick Scheme
Cinematogarpher Ian Mcgrath
Filmming at the Silvercloud Hotel for The Get Rich Quick Scheme
Camera operator Stephen Fillippov and Audio Engineer, Second Assistant Director Daniel Schomber.
Cinematogarpher James Starlin and Samuel L. Pierce on set of The Get Rich Quick Scheme
Cinematographer ian McGrath on set of The Get Rich Quick Scheme
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