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Samuel L. Pierce
Samuel L. Pierce with is glasses on
Samuel L. Pierce

Samuel L. Pierce's Story 

Samuel L. Pierce born May 8th 2006 in Auburn Washington. Is an American Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer. He founded Electric Shock Productions in 2019 with the goal of turning it into a Film Studio. His first feature film was The Future Of Us (2022) which was a dystopian sci fi film the movie was made for less than $2,000 and starred Samuel L. Pierce, Karl Anderson, and Armaan Khanuja. Quickly after the premiere of The Future Of Us (2022) he felt the need to make another movie a script which he had written in 7th grade with the assistance of Armaan Khanuja. The Get Rich Quick Scheme (2023) which began production on August 14th 2022. The film starred himself and Tyler Griswold, and Rex Nelson. He than spent months editing the movie and trying to really bring the best quality out of it. It was made because he felt there was so much negativity in the world that the world needed a comedy and a genuine clean comedy for kids and adults to enjoy. He is now currently working on his newest film Off the Line (2024) and is working on expanding Electric Shock Productions and getting the get rich quick scheme distributed in theatres.

Growing up Samuel L. Pierce was almost interested in film recreating stories of films at recess in kindergarten. When he was in 2nd grade at summer camp he met his film mentor Adam Brock who introduced him to film. Adam Brock would go on to mentor Sam for years to come. Samuel L. Pierce made his first film in 4th grade with the help of his friends in school after they turned a school project and made a movie instead of doing the actual assignment the movie was directed and produced by Samuel L. Pierce and sadly got deleted by the school over summer break by accident but he kept on making sequels and episodes in up to 6th grade. He then took a break after he left his private school and continued Lessons with Mr Brock. He then made the First short film that electric shock productions produced which was The Stalker (2019) mainly meant to get reel footage. He then continued to hone his skills and freshman year of high school launched the at the time "Short film" The future of us which than turned into a webseries which than was turned into The Full Feature film it is today.

Samuel struggles with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia which has always made school a challenge for him. Which is why he enjoys creating stories so much because to create stories you don't need to be able to read well you just can be creative.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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