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The Get Rich Quick Scheme

Directed by : Samuel L. Pierce

Release : Pending


-Samuel L. Pierce as Micky

-Tyler Griswold as Richie

-Rex Nelson As Ryan

-Doran Danielson as Principal Wright 


Mickey, Richie, and Ryan are three high school students struggling with grades, goals, and focus. Their families do not support their dreams and continue to force them to follow conventional education paths. Their high school principal, Mr. Wright regularly tries to catch them slacking and enjoys punishing them a little too much. After one particularly aggressive encounter, the boys make a bet that they can build a successful business in 90 days and if they win the bet, they graduate without doing any work, if they lose, they get detention for the rest of their school. As they make deals and negotiate to raise money to build and sell their invention, they each discover their own skills and how friendships can change or be destroyed by the idea and potential of success. How greed influences people to make choices they might not otherwise as suspicions and sabotage tear them apart. Can they sell and flip a car to make the money? Can they Scale their business to make the $1,000,000 Goal? Can their friendships survive the pressure? Will Principal Wright succeed in sabotaging their plan? Watch the comedy, drama, and painful growing up life lessons they all learn in this 80’s style comedy.

About The Get Rich Quick Scheme

The Get Rich Quick Scheme was made by Samuel L. Pierce when he was 16 years old. He wrote the script with the assistance of his friend Armaan in 8th grade which would lead to the filming of The Get Rich Quick Scheme Summer of 2022. The movie was filmed all over Washington State in Locations such as Stadium High School and Silvercloud Hotel and Docu Sign in Seattle. The movie really brings out the feeling of those 80s comedies we all know and love.


The Majority of actors Came from Stadium High Schools theatre Department.

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