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High Schoolers making Professional Films

The heart of Electric Shock Productions is a team of mostly high school students who make movies on there own. Learn more about our team below.


Samuel L. Pierce

Founder & CEO & Creative Producer

Samuel L. Pierce founded ESP when he was only 12 years old with a vision to bring the stories in his head to life. He wants to continue building on the two movies he has produced to a full career as an Actor, Producer, and Director. He loves what he does and is truly passionate about bringing characters to life and giving the world new stories to bring a smile to peoples faces.


Doran Danielson

Associate Producer

Doran Danielson was primarily a theater actor who got his first role in Samuel L. Pierce's The Future Of Us as Tyler. He then joined The Get Rich Quick Scheme project playing Principal Wright and adding behind the scenes roles in casting and promotion. He plans to have key roles in the development of the third ESP film.


Christopher Noordman

Associate Producer

Christopher Noordman first film with us was The Get Rich Quick Scheme (2023) on which he was a amazing member of the team. He has a background as a theater actor and plays the character Zach in the Get Rich Quick Scheme. He now is a associate producer helping manage press, Communications and Project Development. Chris time after time has earned the respect of his colleagues.


Stephen Filippov

1st Assistant Director & Camera A Operator

Stephen has always been a hardworking individual he got his start in filmmaking in The Future of Us starring playing Arbacai leader Damon where he used his knowledge of martial arts to bring the role to life. During filming he became interested in camera work and took on behind the camera technical roles.  In The Get Rich Quick Scheme he became 1st AD due to his skills and demonstrated responsibility. He also is a very talented Musician.


Daniel Schomber

2nd Assistant Director & Audio engineer

Daniel Schomber AKA "Dan the man" is  a very talented sound recordists and audio engineer. He had worked with many advanced PA Systems before working in film. His first role was the role of Zach in The Future Of Us. Dan is now a 2nd AD and makes sure the on set audio is recorded properly. Dan is an integral part of our team here. With his humor he keeps everyone set relaxed and his skill makes sure we get the take right away.


Ian Mcgrath

Director of Photogarphy

Ian has been working with Samuel L. Pierce for over 5 years now they first met in 7th grade and he always had a fascination with cameras. He recalls making short films with Samuel at a young age. Now he is a cinematographer learning every day and most importantly being efficient while sustaining incredible quality. Ian always makes sure the job gets done and it gets done well.

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